A new beginning…

Dear stakeholders,

The list we submitted to the council during the 9th Ordinary General Meeting of our Association held on February 4, 2017 Saturday has received a vote of confidence. This means for us a signal for a new era and a new beginning…

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all members, who have deemed us worthy for this position, attended the General Meeting and, put their confidence in us. I would like to thank the previous management once again for their great services. We know that as the stakeholders in the sector, we all have been striving for the improvement of the sector for many years and, we know very well how to stand together at all times and under all conditions, and take firm steps forward on the road. We have no doubt that this power is enlightening the way we are walking on.

In the light of this awareness, our aim is clear for this voyage we started in February 2017. We want to bring MOSDER and the furniture industry to the next level, differentiate the projects we have put into practice up until today and, take stronger steps on the way with new projects. We are aware of the needs of the sector for human resources and, work hardly on what we may do to ensure the faster development of the sector with cooperation between vocational high schools, universities and the industry members.


Dear stakeholders,

We will keep you informed. We will make sure that you are informed of each step we take and, thus feel that you are watching us. As we keep you informed, we will request your support and participation. We aim for an association that shoulders and sets its heart for the responsibilities. We are aware that as we do the right things, you will be more interested in what we are doing, which will in turn increase the level of your inclusion. This is because your opinions are important to both us and the furniture industry.

As you know, MOSDER has been organizing one of the largest furniture fairs of the world and in our region for 14 years. We are making great efforts to bring our fair, which is the heart of our industry, to a different level. We see the MOSDER National Home Furniture Design Competition with the same vision and, we attach great importance to the designs of the young people, who are our future.

As the chairman of MOSDER, the umbrella organization of the furniture sector in Turkey, I fully believe in you and all the industry representatives. We will continue in this year working with the awareness of our responsibilities for the employees, customers, investors, society, environment and people. I believe wholeheartedly that we will all together continue the hard work for the further improvement of MOSDER.

I would like to express my gratitude once again for your belief and trust in us.

Yours affectionately and respectfully…



MOSDER Chairman