“The Designs Emerged From The Cocoon!”

The results of the 12th National Household Furniture Design Contest held by the Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers’ (MOSDER) design vision, were announced at the award ceremony at The Grand Tarabya Hotel on 17 November 2016. The Contest was organised under the main sponsorship of SALTEKS TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. and the golden sponsorship of KAYALAR KIMYA GENÇ WOOD PRESERVATION SYSTEMS and SERTEX – FLOKSER TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. with the entertaining presentation of the television host and comedian Ceyhun YILMAZ. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, which had the highest number of applicants with 41 applications, received a university award of 10.000 TL, while 18 out of the 257 project applications were eligible to be finalized as a result of the 1st and 2nd stage jury evaluations. MOSDER members undertook the production of prototypes of finalist projects as well. The finalists of the competition were awarded a certificate of achievement and a total of 84.000 Turkish Liras, and for the protection of design rights, they were awarded with the ‘Industrial Design Registration Certificate’ approved by the Turkish Patent Institute. 2nd Stage Jury Evaluation of the 12th National Household Furniture Design Contest, was made by Dr. Gül KOÇLAR ORAL, Onur KIRAL and Mehmet ALTAY.